(Revised February 2013, July 2015, April 2016, November 2016, July 2017)

Article I - Election of Officers

Election of the President-Elect shall be conducted by U.S. Postal Service or electronic ballot.  Any active member of the Association in good standing shall be eligible to hold office.  Each region shall submit a nominee for president-elect to the NASA President prior to February 1st each year.  Each nominee will present a resume to the NASA President prior to March 1st of the election year.  The NASA Executive Board shall narrow the list of nominees to two candidates by March 31st.  Any candidate for President-Elect who is also a member of the NASA Executive Board may remain in the meeting during discussion of candidates and may participate in the vote to select the two candidates.  The NASA membership will then elect the President-Elect by U.S. Postal Service or electronic ballot.  The nominees for President-Elect shall be from school districts with an NSAA school classification rank of 101 to the smallest high school district in odd numbered years and from school districts with an NSAA high school classification rank of 1 to 100 or from the remaining membership in even numbered years.  Vacancies for any office will be filled by appointment by the Executive Board until the next regular Association election.  The election of the President-Elect shall be completed by April 15th.

Article II - Duties of Officers

The following shall be the NASA state officers:

A.  President

  1. Assume office on September 1;
  2. Assume leadership role as President and voting member of Nebraska Association of School Administrators Executive Board on September 1;
  3. Become a voting member of the Nebraska Council of School Administrators’ Executive Board on September 1;
  4. Continue to provide leadership for NASA in planning for and carrying out the NASB/NASA State Conference.  (Chair either NASA luncheon or main session; which ever is the most appropriate).  Be available to be seated with NASB and NASA leaders at head table at both luncheons during NASB/NASA State Conference;
  5. Schedule and chair NASA Executive Board meetings:  the Wednesday of the NASB/NASA State Conference; in conjunction with the NASBO State Convention, and in conjunction with Administrators’ Days; or as otherwise scheduled by the state officers.  Conduct an annual NASA General Membership business meeting at the NASB/NASA State Conference;
  6.  Attend the AASA Leadership Conference;
  7. Serve on the AASA Governing Board;
  8. Appoint NASA members to fill vacancies on NASA and NCSA committees;
  9. Develop a budget for NASA for submission to the NCSA office; and
  10. Carry out any other duties that are required.

B.  President-Elect

  1. Assume office on September 1;
  2. Become a voting member of the Nebraska Council of School Administrators’ Executive Board on September 1;
  3. Become a voting member of the Nebraska Association of School Administrators Executive Board as of September 1;
  4. Attend the AASA Leadership Conference; and
  5. Serve on the AASA Governing Board; Preside at any meeting that the President cannot attend and handle such other duties as designated by the President.

C.  Past President  

  1. Provide orientation to the newly elected NASA President-Elect;
  2. Attend the AASA Leadership Conference;
  3. Serve on the AASA Governing Board;
  4. Assist in selecting the NCSA Distinguished Service Award winner(s) with other affiliate Past Presidents.

D.  Secretary

  1. Attend all NASA Executive Board Meetings and take all minutes;
  2. Prepare minutes for dissemination to Executive Board Members and the NCSA Executive Director.

E.  NASA Retired Member 

A member of NARSA, who shall be a former active NASA member, will serve a three (3) year term on the NASA Executive Board.  Said member to be appointed or selected by the NARSA affiliate of NCSA, will serve as a voting member of the NASA Executive Board.

F.  Regional Officers

  1. Schedule regional meetings;
  2. Establish agendas for regional meetings and conduct meetings;
  3. Schedule a meeting of the members in a region prior to February 1st for the purpose of nominating a candidate for President-Elect of NASA;
  4. Select the new regional officer for the following school year and notify the NCSA office of this individual by May 1st;
  5. Communicate needs of region to state NASA Executive Board; and
  6. Carry out Bylaws, Article IX. 

Article III - Association Regions

The Nebraska Association of School Administrators shall be organized on a regional basis.  The regions shall be designated as follows:

Region 1. Counties of Hamilton, Polk, Butler, Saunders, York, Seward, Lancaster, Clay, Fillmore, Saline, Nuckolls, Thayer, Jefferson, Gage, Nemaha, Pawnee, and Richardson.

Region 2. Counties of Otoe, Cass, Sarpy, Douglas, Washington, Dodge, and Burt.

Region 3. Counties of Keya Paha, Boyd, Knox, Cedar, Dixon, Dakota, Brown, Rock, Holt, Antelope, Pierce, Wayne, Thurston, Boone, Madison, Stanton, Cuming, Platte, and Colfax.

Region 4. Counties of Blaine, Loup, Garfield, Wheeler, Custer, Valley, Greeley, Sherman, Howard, Nance, Merrick, Dawson, Buffalo, Hall, Gosper, Phelps, Kearney, Adams, Furnas, Harlan, Franklin, and Webster. 

Region 5. Counties of Sioux, Dawes, Sheridan, Cherry, Box Butte, Scotts Bluff, Morrill, Garden, Grant, Hooker, Thomas, Arthur, McPherson, Logan, Banner, Kimball, Cheyenne, Deuel, Keith, Lincoln, Perkins, Chase, Hayes, Frontier, Dundy, Hitchcock, and Red Willow.

Article IV - Election of Regional Officers on Executive Committee

 SECTION 1.  Three officers from each region shall be elected on a regional basis by the active members attending a regularly scheduled region meeting. The election will be completed by May 10th. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the regional officers until the next regular election.  No NASA state officer may serve concurrently as a regional officer.

SECTION 2. It is recommended that slates for regional officer elections be balanced according to school district size to the extent possible. 

SECTION 3.  Regional meetings for the purpose of electing Executive Committee representatives shall be called annually by the senior Executive Committee member of each respective region.

Article V - Duties Of Executive Board 

The NASA Executive Board shall be charged with the responsibility of formulating an effective program of work activities and public relations for the association directed at fulfilling the Association’s stated objectives and of suggesting procedures and policies related thereto.

Article VI - Association Year 

The Association year shall be from September 1 through August 31.

Article VII - Bylaws Amendments 

Amendments to these bylaws may be made at any meeting of the Executive Board by a majority vote of members of said Executive Board present and voting. A draft of the amendment to these bylaws must be sent to each member of the Executive Board at least ten days prior to its presentation for adoption. The notice shall state the time and place of the presentation of such proposed amendment.

Article VIII - NASA Delegates to AASA Governing Board

SECTION 1. The Past President, President and President-Elect are designated as delegates to the AASA Governing Board provided they are members in good standing with AASA.  If one cannot attend or is not eligible to attend, the President will appoint a designated representative.  In the event AASA membership from Nebraska does not meet AASA requirements for three representatives, then NASA President and President-Elect will represent Nebraska.

SECTION 2. Such additional AASA delegates as allocated for the NASA shall be appointed by the President.

Article IX - Recognition and Awards Program and Procedures

The responsibility of the President is to coordinate the NASA/AASA Award Program.

A. AASA National Superintendent of the Year Program: Each region is encouraged to nominate one candidate for the Superintendent of the Year Program.  Additional nominations may be made from the NASA general membership.  The nominee must be a practicing superintendent in the State of Nebraska for a minimum of five (5) years, and a member of AASA.  A nomination form shall be made available from NCSA that will require basic information from the nominee and will require the attachment of the nominee’s current resume.  The NASA President shall facilitate and promote a full discussion on the qualifications of all candidates for this award during the course of the NASA Executive Board meeting in conjunction with the NASBO State Convention.  The NASA Executive Board will select the Nebraska nominee for each year.  An affirmative majority vote of those voting is required to select the final nominee.  Any nominee who is also a member of the NASA Executive Board shall recuse himself/herself from the discussion and selection meeting and process.  The nominee selected by the NASA Executive Board will be required to complete the AASA Superintendent of the Year application at the earliest practicable time and submit it to NCSA.  The NCSA will forward the application to AASA.  The applications for all unsuccessful candidates for this award shall be carried forward for consideration in the following year’s award selection process.  The NASA Executive Board shall provide a voucher to the nominee for purposes of defraying expenses, not otherwise covered, to the AASA Gala for the Superintendent of the Year Program.

B. NASA Honor Awards:  Each region will select and submit a NASA member to be honored at the fall NASB/NASA State Conference to the President-Elect by the last Friday in October and the President-Elect shall forward the names to the NCSA office. Criteria include longevity of service, outstanding achievement, and contributions to education in Nebraska.  Nominations should be submitted to the regional chairperson, and acted on by the individual regions. It is recommended that no more than (1) honoree be selected from each region. If for some reason there is a tie or the region wishes to submit more than (1) honoree, the President-Elect, President, and the Past President will make the decision on if a region can submit more than (1) honoree.  This request must be made by the region chairperson. 

C. NASA Longevity Award:  The Longevity Award is designed to give current NASA members recognition for years of service as an NCSA member.  The recognition plaque will be given at the annual meeting held in Omaha in November.  The Distinguished Service Award will be given for (15) years, (20) years, (25) years, (30) years, (35) years, and (40) years as an NCSA member.  Awards are presented in the corresponding year of service.


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