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The purpose of this search page is to allow prospective doctoral candidates the opportunity to view previous research efforts from practicing and former school administrators. The hope is that these past academic efforts might inspire or lend to the development of new research in the same or similar areas of knowledge.

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Name Year Title
Adler, Mark
The Effect of a Rural High School Combination Supplemental Literacy Program on Emerging Readers' Achievement, Engagement, and Behavior Outcomes
Anderson, Ken
The Development of An Item Pool for Assessing Practitioner Knowledge of The Attributes of Recommended Grading and Marking Systems
Anderson, Rex 1997 A history of Millard Public Schools, 1946-1989: Forty-four years of suburban growth
Arlt, Darron 2016 The Differences Between Superintendent Tenure and Student Achievement in Nebraska as Measured by 2015 Nesa-Reading Scores
Avey, Matt 2012 Meeting the needs of Career and Technical Education: A study of graduates of a high school health science program
Baker, Roy 1977 A Comparison of Four Information Sources Used in Teacher Selection
Barta, Gary 1975 An Analysis of Inservice Needs of Secondary Principals in Nebraska and the Six Contiguous States
Beach, Jerry 2010 Conditions Affecting the Decision to Seek or Not Seek a Position as a School Assistant Principal/Principal
Beaty, Carol 1989 Effectiveness of five selected strategies for using teacher self-evaluation as an administrative tool in the improvement of instruction in selected elementary schools in Nebraska as perceived by elementary teachers and principals
Becker, Nancy 1987 A Comparison of Student Teachers with Internal Locus-of-Control and Student Teachers with External Locus-of-Control During the Student Teaching Experience
Biggs, Nancy 1992 The induction needs of first-year elementary principals in mid-sized districts
Bird, Ken 1993 Critical factors in superintendency transitions
Black, Rick 1988 A study of role ambiguity, role conflict, and job satisfaction for selected noncertified Nebraska personnel
Bossard, Michael 1980 The Relationship of Organizational Openness, Principal Leader Behavior, and Consultant Skill to Preference for and Use of School Psychological Consultation Services
Breed, Roger 1985 Concurrent Validity of Two Administrator Selection Procedures (Principals, Assessment Center, Interviews)
Brochtrup, Paul 1983 The Development of Guidelines for the Implementation of a Microcomputer-Based Administration in Selected School Districts in Nebraska
Bruckner, Robert 1994 Issues of change: Adoption of a custom calendar
Carlson, Kristine 1992 Teachers' preferences for participative decision-making
Carraher, Joan 2014 Students' Perceptions of Academic Self-Efficacy and Self-Regulation While Learning in a 1:1 Laptop Environment
Carson, Jennifer 2017 Middle School Common Grading Expectations and Teacher Perceptions of Grading Pedagogy
Chick, Kevin 2018 Cultivating Leadership: Taking a Deeper Look at One Midwestern School District's Leadership Preparation Program
Christensen, Cathy 1993 The use of critical thinking skills in the elementary and high schools of the Omaha Public Schools
Conner, Brad 1999 Effects of participant role, participation, and expectancy on level of satisfaction in special education multidisciplinary teams
Conrad, George 1993 Elementary teacher planning time and its use in Nebraska elementary schools
Crook, John 1985 Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction upon Seventh-Grade Students' Growth in Writing Performance
Cullen, Patrick 1998 An evaluation of selected demographic characteristics of the junior class of the Alliance, Nebraska high school
Cunning, Mike 1991 An analysis of the impact of school choice and perceptions of school officials in Nebraska K-12 districts
Currin, DeAnn 1992 Making sense of teaching: Novice and expert supervisors
DePasquale, Dan 1979 The Role of the Curriculum Director in Bringing About Change in Selected North Central Association School Districts
Deibler, Chris 2000 Middle school principals' perceptions of the National Commission for the Principalship performance domains in relation to their present job responsibilities
Dlugosh, Larry 1981 The Relationship Between and Among The Annual Gallup Poll of Attitudes Toward Education, Educational News Articles Appearing in a Selected Metropolitan Newspaper and Actions Taken by a Selected Suburban School Board for the Ten Years from 1969 through 1978
Dop, Sandra 2006 Aesthetic leadership: Stories of support, relationship, and success among novice teachers and school administrators
Dostal, Jay 2010 Alternative Scheduling Models and Their Effect on Science Achievement at the High School Level
Dulaney, Michael 2007 The History of The Nebraska Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
Dumas, Chad 2010 Building Leadership: The Knowledge of Principals in Creating Collaborative Communities of Professional Learning
Dunnigan, Joy 2000 An investigation of postsecondary teaching recommendations and accommodations for students with disabilities in synchronous distance education
Eichhorn, Connie 1994 Quality indicators in Nebraska Adult Basic Education programs as perceived by Nebraska ABE practitioners
Engle, David 1999 The Characteristics of Selected Superintendents’ Perceptions of Incumbent School Board Member Election Defeats in the State of Washington in 1995
Ericson, Elizabeth 2021 Experiences of Nebraska Principals and the Challenges of Educating Students With Emotional Dysregulation
Ernst, Dan 1997 Teaching effectiveness: Perceptions of University of Nebraska-Lincoln student teachers and first-year teachers
Eshleman, Tami 2016 Comparison of Nebraska Accreditation Options and Effect on Student Achievement: A Mixed Methods Study
Feden, Kristy 2019 The Effect of Caregiver Self-Efficacy on Health and Nutrition Outcomes in Young Children Enrolled in Head Start
Feldhausen, Mark 1985 The Effects of Computer Review Assistance Modules (Cram) on Student Achievement in United States History (Computer Assisted Instruction (Cai), Social Studies)
Gauchat, Tiffanie 2010 Effect of a Career, Academic, Personal and Social Growth High School Transition Program Option on 9th-Grade Students' Achievement, Behavior, and Engagement
Gould, Harriet 1998 The history of Nebraska public school finance law: 1854-1997
Haack, Terry 2003 Effects of LTTA technology training on the perceptions of Nebraska school principals about their ability to satisfy technology skills and national teacher and administrator standards
Habben, Jon 2000 A study of the impact of LB 1114 and LB 806 upon the relationship between boards of education and their respective superintendents (Nebraska)
Habrock, Bary 2015 A Case Study: Exploring the Experiences of Administrators and Teacher Leaders in a Midwestern Turnaround School
Hanson, Ronald 1999 The effects of interdisciplinary team organization of teachers and students upon the students' psychological sense of school membership, satisfaction, attendance, behavior, and academic achievement in the ninth-grade
Harley, Anne 2012 The Sustainability of Reading Recovery Intervention on Reading Achievement of Students Identified as At-risk for Early Reading Failure
Hasty, Richard 2007 Teacher Attrition: The Relationship Between Teachers’ Stress and Their Intentions to Leave Their Current Positions
Heimann, Bill 2006 Performance Evaluation of Nebraska K-12 Public School Superintendents
Hoge, Denise 2016 The Relationship between Teachers' Instructional Practices, Professional Development, and Student Achievement
Holbein Swanson, Jami 2016 Leveraging a Teacher Mentorship Program in a Complex System
Horne, Virgil 1986 The Perceptions of Selected Teachers Regarding Staff Development Needs at Initial, Developing, and Experienced Career Stages (Nebraska)
Inzerello, Allan 1993 A study of Nebraska superintendents' opinions toward school restructuring
Isom, Jamie S. 2012 Perceptions of Nebraska Teachers Regarding the Transition from STARS to NeSA and its Perceived Influence on the Implementation of a Balanced Assessment System
Jacobson, Barbara 1986 Predictors of Success for School Administrators
Joekel, Ronald 1966 Grouping Practices And Procedures in Junior High School Social Studies
Johnston, Jefrey 1988 Teacher supervision and evaluation practices
Jones, David 1992 Personality type and effectiveness of board members in Nebraska school districts
Kassebaum, Zachary 2011 Satisfied Superintendents: A Case Study
Kerns, Jeffrey 2015 Self-Efficacy Perceptions of Novice and Career Teachers in Instructional Strategies, Student Engagement, and Classroom Management
Kettelhut, Gil 1989 An analysis of selected student characteristics and student participation in school activities in selected Nebraska high schools
Kingston, Kent 2015 The Impact of High-Speed Internet Connectivity at Home on Eighth-Grade Student Achievement
Kolowski, Richard 1978 The Effects of an Analysis of Social Studies Philosophy and Curriculum Rationale Statements upon Selected Nebraska University Secondary Teacher Education Program Social Studies Students
Kruse, Dale 1999 What superintendents rely on to complete key job responsibilities
Lewis, Dawn 2015 A Historical Organization Case Study of the School Employees Retirement Act and the Class V School Employees Retirement Act of the State of Nebraska
Limoges, Barry 2001 The history of Nebraska public school accreditation
Lofquist, Kraig 2009 Developmental Asset Building in At-Risk Youth: A Mixed Methods Study
Lucas, Mike 2007 An Analysis of Nebraska School Districts' Profile of General Fund Receipts and Disbursements as Related to Selected Characteristics
Lutz, Keith 1988 A Comparative Study of the Superintendent's Role in Working with Board Members in Texas Schools
Mackiel, John 1979 A Study of the Attitude and Awareness of High School Guidance Counselors toward the General Educational Development Test as an Equivalent of or Alternative to the High School Diploma
Mahlin, Ken 1988 A financial impact analysis of the political subdivision Budget Limit Act of 1979 on Nebraska Class II school districts
Maline, Scott 1991 Factors affecting older worker productivity in industry and education
Mann, Kent 1991 Evaluation standards for selected student activity programs in Nebraska high schools
Maschmann, Brian 2015 One-To-One Laptop Initiative: Perceptions of Teachers and Administrators
McCaslin-Timmons, Jill 2016 Principals Perspectives on the Roles & Skills of School Psychologists
McCoy, William 1977 A Study of the Environmental Perceptions of Underclassmen, Upperclassmen and Faculty at the University of Nebraska at Omaha--a Commuter Campus
McKinley, Deirdre 2018 White Noise/Black Boys: Shaping the Black Male Identity
McLellan, Kent 2002 School district variables including superintendent/principal conflict and their contribution to student achievement in Nebraska class III public school districts
Metschke, Harlan 1985 The Development of a Conceptual Planning Model for the Use of Computer Technology in K-12 School Districts (Microcomputer, K-Twelve)
Meyer, Dick 2008 A Case Study Of One-to-One Computing: The Effects On Teaching And Learning
Michl, Bob 2006 Supervision and Evaluation of Probationary Teachers: Policies and Practices in Class II and Class III Nebraska School Districts
Montgomery, Mike 2010 Small Rural School Districts in Nebraska: A Case Study of Challenges and Solutions
Moore, Marilyn 1980 Interactive and Direct Effects of Method of Instruction, Level of Development of Operational Thought, and Type of Concept in Concept Formation
Mougey, Midge 2004 Exploring Female K-12 Administrators' Experiences With Horizontal Violence: A Multiple Case Study
Myers, David 1970 A Comparison of Interaction Analysis Ratings Between Two Selected Groups of Student-Teachers
Nebesniak, Heather 2016 Rates of Poverty and Special Education Students Among Open Enrollment Students
O'Grady, Ryan 2013 Effectiveness of Professional Learning Communities for Related Services Personnel: Nebraska School Psychologist Perceptions on Utilizing Learning Communities
Ough, Mike 1991 A study of selected factors affecting voter behavior in Nebraska school bond elections
Pickering, Tamyra 2002 Eight at-risk high school girls and the teachers they view as influential: A multiple case study
Poloncic, Melissa 2016 Principals Matter: Perceptions of Principals on School Leadership
Pool, Dennis 1993 Nebraska school facilities: Educational adequacy of structures and their funding
Porter, Judith 1993 An investigation of secondary teachers' motivation orientation and their attitudes about extrinsic incentives
Prindle, Del 1977 A Study to Determine the Rights of Superintendents and Principals as Perceived by Board of Education Members, School Administrators, and Teachers of Class III Public School Districts in the State of Nebraska
Ramaekers, Larry 1982 A Comparison of Stress Responses and Personality Characteristics of Practicing and Prospective School Administrators
Rawson, Dale 1989 A Comparison of the Statutory Framework and Perceived Role of the Superintendent in Teacher Negotiations in the States of Kansas and Nebraska
Reckewey, Kris 1992 Teacher's Preferences for Participative Decision-Making
Reinert, Joseph 1994 Nebraska school districts: Coming into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
Renner, Carol 1991 What are the factors that motivate and inhibit female school administrators in Nebraska to seek the school superintendency?
Reznicek, Robert 1994 The Nebraska Children's Home Society: One hundred years of caring
Rhodes, Todd 2019 Teacher Support Systems in Rural Nebraska: Components that Impact Teacher Retention
Rikli, Andy 2007 The impact of option-in longevity enrollment patterns on student achievement, behavior, and engagement outcomes
Riley, Kevin 1991 A qualitative study of the experiences and perceptions of classroom teachers involved in a staff development project
Roberts, Mindy 2010 Improving Student Achievement Through Professional Learning Communities
Robinson, William 2018 The Cost Effectiveness and Instructional Value of One-to-One Technology Investments Among Nebraska School Districts
Rodenburg, Deb 2004 Improving Instructional Practice: The Value Of Classroom Goal Teams
Rohwer, Keith 1991 A study of parent-teacher communications
Ryan, Kathryn 1998 Locus of control and job satisfaction of secondary school assistant principals in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska
Salem, Laura 2016 English Language Learners and Special Education: One District’s Journey Through the Collaborative Problem Solving Process
Saum, Kim 1999 An evaluation of an intervention program for secondary at-risk students
Schonewise, Enid 2001 The Current Training Practices and Perceived Training Needs of Paraprofessionals in Special Education Programs in Nebraska
Scott, Elizabeth 2000 The leadership stories of two women public school administrators
Sedlacek, Pam 1990 A naturalistic study of the teacher transfer experience
Shafer, Tim 1993 Predicting the frequency of teacher-selected behavioral interventions from clusters of teacher reported student problem behaviors
Sharp, Tom 2005 Utilization of Nebraska interlocal cooperative agreements by selected school districts: A multi-site case study
Shipp, Dennis 1996 The perceived attitudes of registered voters of small Nebraska public school districts toward public schools
Sibley, Stan 1995 The Effects of School Choice on Desegregation in the Omaha Public Schools
Sieh, Mike 2009 Examining the Relationships Between Nebraska Superintendents’ Perceptions of Their Involvement with School Improvement and Factors that may Affect Their Involvement
Sissel, Paula 2003 Professional Development in Public Schools: A Descriptive Study of the Distinguishing Components in Small Nebraska Schools
Snyder, Joshua 2016 From Pre-K to Elementary School: Elementary Principal Leadership and Successful Transitions
Steen, Kent 2002 Analyzing the Impact of Web-Based Geometry Applets on First Grade Students
Swantz, Lynne 1995 Student and parent attitudes and feelings about retention at the elementary school level
Teahon, Michael 2012 Perceptions of Nebraska Administrators Regarding the Transition from STARS to NeSA and its Perceived Influence on the Implementation of a Balanced Assessment System
Thompson, Jami Jo 2010 Nebraska School Psychologists‘ Perceptions Regarding the Sufficiency of Response to Intervention (RtI)
Thurmond, Bill 1985 The Development of Activities for Teaching Map Skills which Facilitate Transitions Between Stages of Cognitive Development (Jean Piaget, Social Studies, Elementary School)
Townsend, David 1985 The Perceptions of Elementary School Parents Regarding Home-School Communication
Townsend, Doug 1983 The Nebraska Council of School Administrators: History and Effectiveness in Meeting Membership Needs
Uerling, Don 1980 Evidence Law for Teacher Employment Termination Hearings
Unzicker, Troy 2012 A Study of the Job Satisfaction of Nebraska School Superintendents
Walters, Andrew 2015 Evaluating a 1:1 Computer Program in a Secondary School
Warrick, Phil 2005 An educator's perception of STARS from selected Nebraska principals
West, Jeffrey 2002 School district variables including district leadership and their contribution to student achievement in Nebraska class III public school districts
Wheelock, Melissa 2005 Teacher Assessment of School Climate and Its Relationship to Years of Working with an Elementary School Administrator
Winchester, Caroline 2003 A Multi-Case Study of the Shared Superintendency in Nebraska
Worrell, Cory 2015 The History of Nebraska Public School Reorganization Over the Past 30 Years and How This History Might be Used to Predict Nebraska School Reorganization in the Future: A Mixed Methods Study
Wortman, Mike 1980 The Description and Analysis of a Program to Develop Individual Educational Plans for All Students

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