State Principals Conference

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - 12:00pm to Thursday, December 7, 2023 - 2:00pm

State Principals Conference
December 6-7, 2023
Cornhusker Marriott - Lincoln, NE

This annual event brings together elementary, middle, and secondary principals from across the state for professional development and networking.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023
12:00      Registration and Exhibits Open

1:00        Welcome and Legislative Update with Dr. Mike Dulaney and Kyle McGowan, NCSA
This participant-driven session is designed to provide professional development for the unique needs of principals.  Registrants will be contacted ahead of time for topic ideas to best utilize time. Join us at the #PrincipalRodeo to learn about the hottest topics and developments in the principalship! 

2:30        Break and Exhibit Visit

3:00        Concurrent NSASSP and NAESP Legal Sessions (KSB Slides)

4:00        Social
After an afternoon packed full of information, you deserve some fun!  Join your colleagues from across the state for beverages and snacks

5:30        Dinner on your own

Thursday, December 7, 2023 
8:00        Continental Breakfast and Exhibits Open

8:30        Welcome and Elevating School Culture: The Three Pillars That Make a Great School Culture with Lasada Pippen
Promoting a positive, warm, and inviting school culture makes a difference in the lives of students, educators, and administrators by providing a sense of community.  Lasada speaks from the heart and personal experiences to encourage and support creating a dynamic culture.During this enlightening discussion, Lasada highlights the three pillars of developing an elite school culture that helps his audience understand what it takes to thrive.

10:15      Select-a-Session I
Artificial Intelligence in Education: Tools, Tips, and Talking Points – BALLROOM A
Andrew Easton, Nebraska ESUCC
The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence are rapidly evolving, and with that comes an ever-changing set of opportunities and challenges for educators and learners alike. In this session, we will focus on the latest wave of AI-powered tech tools and consider the implications of that technology on teaching and learning. Participants should expect to learn how generative AI is being implemented into the lesson design process, saving teachers time while also enhancing their ability to meet the diverse needs of all learners.


Creating Discipline Unity with a District Code of Conduct – BALLROOM B
Jenn True, Buffalo Hills Elementary School
Mark Johnson, Sunrise Middle School
Chance Waggoner, Park Elementary School
Kearney Public Schools came together last year as a team of principals and district office administrators to discuss behaviors they see in their buildings, how they’re handling them, and then collaborated to create a district-wide code of conduct.  Learn how this document has not only helped building principals better handle discipline but also feel supported and united as one district.


Digital Wise Parenting:  Creating Digitally Fit Schools & Homes BALLROOM C
Jay Martin, Nebraska Department of Education
What do adults need to be aware of when devices are a big part of children’s lives? The core of many of the issues seen in schools originate from digital platforms, Apps, and media. Exposure to digital nuances impacts all of us on a behavioral, mental, and emotional level. Developing our digital wisdom will make us more mindful of the best practices to assist students with better digital: citizenship, literacy, privacy, and navigation within the virtual world to be safer and more secure in the real world. Digital parent academies give adults the tools to build a child’s digital wisdom framework for safer platform participation. 


Leadership Learning Walks- Using a Collaborative Approach to Tackle Problems of Practice – GARRAT ROOM
Eileen Barks, ESU 2
Michelle Burton, Oakland Craig Senior High School
Kyle Elsasser, Bancroft-Rosalie Community Schools
Building Principals, with the support of ESU 2, created an innovative PLC structure based on the needs of those leaders.   Leadership Learning Walks, a PLC model, where leaders are placed in a group with other rural leaders to dive deep into individual problems of practice and support one another.  We will show you how this partnership used a very innovative approach to leadership professional development. Objectives:  To engage teams of principals who support each other in identifying and executing evidence-based practices likely to impact problems of practice, contributing to persistent equity gaps at each of their respective schools.  To engage network teams in data-rich (quantitative & qualitative) conversations that lead to improved equitable student outcomes.  To give and receive growth-producing feedback with triad peers that is specific, timely, positive, and delivered in a non-directive voice.

11:15      Select-a-Session II
How to Expand Your Course Offerings During a Teacher Shortage – BALLROOM A
Andrew Easton, Nebraska ESUCC
The struggle is real for schools in their efforts to retain and recruit talented educators in the midst of the present teacher shortage. In this session, we explore several ways that Nebraska schools can leverage technology to connect students with Nebraska-certified teachers to maintain and even expand the number of courses available to their students.


Empowering Educators: Harnessing Google Chats and Hallway Conferences for Enhanced Teacher Support and Restorative Discipline BALLROOM B
BreAhnna McConnell, Prairie View Elementary School
Gain insights into seamlessly integrating Google Chats as a means of communication for requesting and conducting Hallway Conferences and explore the transformative concept of the 4-Part Apology and its role in fostering restoration within the school community. Discover how this method can be integrated into Hallway Conferences to facilitate productive conversations that repair relationships, build trust, and support teachers. 


AI Tips, Tricks, & ResourcesBALLROOM C
Josh Williams, Crete Middle Schools
Have you heard of Artificial Intelligence?... I’m almost positive you have...But how can we use it in the classroom or at school?  We will dive into some tips, tricks, and resources of various AI tools and collaborate with these concepts. 


Renewed ‘Tude: Helping Teachers Build Resilience – GARRAT ROOM
Dr. Christopher Knoell, University of Nebraska Kearney /
The fast-paced demands of today’s classrooms can leave teachers feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. With so many teachers leaving the profession, school leaders must support their teachers and staff to promote well-being and prevent burnout. How can school leaders support teachers to keep up with the demands of the ever-changing curriculum, school meetings, and the never-ending tasks of running a classroom and still have fuel in their tanks for their lives and families at the end of the day? How can we best prioritize the human element of education so all can thrive both at work and home? This positive yet honest examination of the extent of teacher burnout and vacancies, as well as an in-depth analysis of the Science of Happiness and the newest discoveries from Neuroscience, will offer school leaders useful strategies and resources to support educators (and themselves) in facing the difficulties of modern classrooms while flourishing in both their personal and professional lives!


12:00      Awards Lunch

1:15        Select-a-Session III
3 Ways to Recruit Community Volunteers– BALLROOM A
Hannah Miller, TeamMates Mentoring Program
Community volunteers can be the heart and soul of extracurricular activities. In this session, attendees will learn how to find quality volunteers, how to create a team of recruiters, and how to keep the ones you have! 


Threats Facing Schools – BALLROOM B
Monty Lovelace – Nebraska State Patrol
This presentation will explore Sextortion, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other current threats/issues facing schools. This presentation will be designed to explain these issues and provide guidance on how best to deal with them in school. 


Co-Teaching: ChatGPT & Me – GARRAT ROOM
Dr. Christopher Knoell, University of Nebraska Kearney /
In this forward-leaning exploration, we will consider questions about Artificial Intelligence, ranging from its definition and potential applications/use cases to more fundamental issues, such as ethical considerations and implications for classrooms and students. Our discussion will be both upbeat and honest, and you will leave with valuable insights for navigating the future that skipped our doorstep and is already in our classrooms.


2:00        Adjourn

About Keynote: Lasada Pippen
Lasada Pippen, also known as LP, has experienced his fair share of 
trials and tribulations, growing up as the youngest child in a family that often struggled to make ends meet. As the son of high school graduates who never had the opportunity to pursue a college degree, he didn’t always have access to the same resources as many of his peers, but he never let that stop him from following his dreams.

LP leads by example when encouraging others to find their why as someone who has done the same in his personal and professional life. For example, upon discovering that public speaking was his real purpose, not tech and engineering, he was fearless in making a significant shift, tackling that genuine fear of the unknown head-on instead of allowing it to hold him back from doing what he felt was his calling.

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Each year the NAESP and NSASSP hold an annual conference to provide professional development and networking for Nebraska Principals and allow for better collaboration between the two organizations.  The audience for this event is made up of elementary, middle, and high school principals from across the state and this year will provide another fantastic opportunity for you to connect with these leaders.

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