Nebraska School Safety and Security Summit

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 (All day) to Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (All day)

Nebraska School Safety and Security Summit
October 19 and/or 20, 2021
Younes Conference Center - Kearney, NE
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The Nebraska Council of School Administrators, in partnership with the Nebraska Department of Education, is excited to announce this year's Nebraska School Safety and Security Summit to be held both in-person and virtually on October 19 and/or 20, 2021.
Registrants can choose to either attend both days or register for a single day. Our first day will consist of learning together while on the second day you will select two workshops to go in-depth into the areas most important to your needs.

Tuesday, October 19 Agenda

8:30    Welcome
           A Story Too Close to Home with Stephanie Kaczor, Superintendent at Riverside Public Schools
We would like to think, “It will never happen here,” but it can and it does. 

9:30    Break

9:40    Lessons Learned in the 20 Years Since Columbine with Susan Payne, Founding Executive Director Safe2Tell
The world is a different place today than 20 years ago when the Columbine incident happened. With each unfortunate occurrence of a school incident, as well as community incidents, lessons are learned which inform prevention practices to be implemented.  Susan will share lessons learned including warning signs, early intervention, and prevention. 

10:30   Break

10:40   Elements of an Effective Reporting System with Susan Payne, Founding Executive Director Safe2Tell
No matter what reporting system is used by your school, there are critical elements to be included to provide the most protection possible.  These elements will be presented including identifying the key elements of awareness, bystander reporting, information sharing, and intervention as the vortex of a comprehensive prevention solution

12:00   Lunch

1:00     Why Threat Assessment is Important for an Effective Reporting Line with Susan Payne, Founding Executive Director Safe2Tell
Schools today are in need of every piece of information possible to stay informed about possible threats to students, staff, and school property.  Threat assessment is key in gathering specific pieces of information to gain a whole picture to building safer schools, safer students, and solutions moving forward.

2:00     Safe2HelpNE – Threat Assessment Provides a Bigger Picture Of Behavior with Denise Bulling, Certified Threat Manager, UNL Public Policy Center
Nebraska has chosen to enlarge the opportunity for greater information gathering for threat assessment teams in schools to provide an evidence-based approach in assessing levels of concern for concerning behavior and the bigger picture the behavior may hold. This presentation will help us better understand the approach that drives Safe2Help Nebraska. 

2:30    Break

2:45    Safe2HelpNE – Because Prevention is a Better Use of Your Time with Diana Schmidt, Boys Town National Suicide Hotline & Safe2Help Report Line Manager
Do you want to know about concerning behavior at your school? This behavior might be a piece of a bigger picture of violence toward your school’s students, staff, or property.  In this presentation, the benefits of having trained Crisis Counselors as your point of contact for reports about concerning behavior will be reviewed. 

3:30   Adjourn

Wednesday, October 20
8:30     Round 1 Workshops Begin:

1.  What is our First Step?:  Working a Report from Start to Finish – Susan Payne
This session will focus on the role of the threat assessment team from the moment a report is received to the last moment of the case.  Using threat assessment a team can determine an approach to be taken to collect information to create a larger picture for student safety. 
Audience: Administrators, Threat Assessment Team Members

2.  Continuity of Operations (COOP): It’s NOT about Chickens!!  - Scott Stemper
The purpose of a COOP is to ensure that there are procedures in place to maintain or rapidly resume essential operations within the school after an incident that results in disruption of normal activities or services to the school.  This interactive session will give participants an overview of COOP and opportunity to discuss your current and future COOP.    To enhance your session participation, it would be beneficial to have electronic access of your Emergency Operations Plan and your COOP.
Audience:  School Safety Team Members, Law Enforcement, Emergency Managers, EMS

3.  Updated SRP and Training  - Carolyn Obrien
The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) has had updates.  This session will share those updates and provide a refresher training to refocus the concepts of the SRP and how they can be taught to students and staff. 
Audience: Administrators, Teachers, Safety Team Members

4.  Hoping it will Never Happen, but Prepared to Deal with the Tragedy of Suicide - Sally Carlson
Mental health is a growing concern in schools. Suicide is the leading cause of death for 10- to 14-year-olds in Nebraska. NDE School Safety has identified the following priorities for Suicide Prevention training for the 2021-2022 school year. 
• Suicide Prevention Policy and Procedures
• Implementation of a Suicide Prevention Evidence-based Curriculum
• Utilization of Evidence-based Screeners (SBQ-R training)
Audience:  Administrators, School Psychologists, Counselors, LMHP 

5.  Digital Investigations: Preventing Violence by Monitoring Frequently “Missed Information” on Social Media - Cesar Torres (Virtual Option is NOT available for Digital Investigations Workshop.)
Many incidents of violence can be prevented. Specifically, prevention experts indicate that many patterns and signs are often painfully obvious. Nevertheless, with advances in how students socialize and communicate with one another, important information is often missed on social media. Sadly, this information is consistently found after an event occurs. This workshop is geared towards administrators, threat assessment teams, and school social media monitors. This presentation will walk attendees through scenarios of how to monitor popular socialmedia websites to prevent an incident. Participants will learn to monitor social media to prevent events like suicide, human trafficking, and identify possible threats to school. 
Audience:  Administrators, Threat Assessment Teams, School Social Media Monitors 

11:30   Lunch

12:15     Round 2 Workshops Begin:

1.  Teaching Students and Staff How and What to Report  – Susan Payne
Once a school has a reporting system, an important key to the effectiveness and quality of reports received is the training conducted to teach students, staff, and parents to report concerning behavior. This session will share ideas to provide training and messaging to produce helpful reports. 
Audience: Administrators, Threat Assessment Team Members

2.  Standard Reunification Method: Recovery Starts When the Crisis Begins - Scott Stemper
This interactive session will give the participant an overview of the standard reunification method as created by the “ILoveUGuys” Foundation. The reunification should be a component of a school district’s comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  When a crisis begins, and recovery starts, students will need to be reunited with the correct parent/guardian. School Safety Team members preparing a reunification plan and/or procedures should consider several important factors. This session will give you an overview of the needed details you will need to accomplish this and assist in creating/updating your reunification plan.  To enhance your session participation, please have electronic access of your Emergency Operations Plan, map layout of your school building(s) and reunification site(s).  
Audience:  School Safety Team Members, Law Enforcement, Emergency Managers, and EMS 

3.  Safe2HelpNE – The ins and outs of P3 Campus & Panel Discussion From Schools Using It   
This session will focus on detailed aspects of the P3/Navigate 360 app.  P3 Campus feature highlights such as 2-way dialogue, attachments, and efficient “Team Communication, reports and documentation will be discussed.  Opportunities for questions may be asked about specific capabilities and how they are achieved.  Also included in this session will be a panel discussion with district administrators who can share personal experiences with using the technology and answer questions you might have about Safe2Help. 
Audience: Administrators, Threat Assessment Team Members

4.  How Schools and ESUs Can Collaborate to Improve Outcomes after a Crisis- Sally Carlson
Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a set of eight supportive core actions that help people cope more effectively during times of stress. The goal of PFA is to reduce distress and anxiety experienced by members of the school community following a hazard, threat, or incident. ESUs and schools can collaborate to improve outcomes for all after a crisis.
Audience:  Administrators, Teachers, Counselors, School Psychologists, LMHP 

5.  Fostering Resilience: Classroom Environments that Empower Students to Cope and Respond to Bullying - Cesar Torres
Bullying behaviors continue to be a major public health concern affecting students academic, social, physical, and emotional health. Schools are contexts where bullying prevention efforts have significant impact. This worshop is geared towards teachers, school counselors, school psychologists, and administrators. Participants will learn about creating resilient classrooms, by improving classroom environment and teaching students coping skills that may help reduce incidents of bullying. The presentation is interactive, where participants will learn about strategies, receive resources, and create an individualized plan to improve bullying behaviors in their classroom. 
Audience:  Teachers, School Counselors, School Psychologists, Administrators

3:15     Adjourn

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